Jasmine also runs workshops for young people that combine creativity and sex education. Through exercises in writing and expression, she encourages participants to question taboos and explore themes like gender identity, sexual consent, body image and sexuality.553957_607371609337802_1479130136_n


Having given a TEDxTalk for International Women’s Day in 2014 at the Library of Birmingham on the taboo surrounding menstruation, she has continued to deliver talks about similar subjects around the country, including at Oxford University, Bristol’s Talk.Period and the Bench Conference in Birmingham. She has also performed poems that address sexual health, sex education and other taboos at various events and shows, which she incorporates into her workshops.


Jasmine has facilitated similar workshops as a part of A Positive Life, a production by Autin Dance Company that explores sex, love and relationships.

You can see more of the project in the video below.